Sunday, April 17, 2011

This Sunday... I'm lovin:

Thrifty Finds...
Thrifty shopping is feel good shopping.  Shopping for the soul.
A few favourite finds...

This little guy is Vinty from England!  Available to purchase: Clothes LIME

Gorgeous Vintage Leather Shoes, available to purchase: Clothes LIME

 Oh, I do love Vintage books... the older and more classic, the better!

Divine Vintage Pillowcases.  2 sold at Clothes LIME to the lovely ladies at Smiley Tots Clothing to become pillowcase dresses.  Blue still available.

'The' 1970's Thermos Roughneck Flask - in perfect condition!  So divine.  Was so excited to sell this for what I bought it for... a Clothes LIME 'Sharing the Love' sale... $1 + post.  

Much loved chair, block trolley and quilted blanket.  Oh the love felt for these goodies!

Knowing that my baby girls room is closer to completion...
The spec: blue for a girl! (+ deep/baby pink) : A fun room with a mixture of new and thrifted goodies :  A modern and traditional combo.  

A few of our thrifted goodies

More thrifty goodness

Getting one step closer to Forrest... 
'run, Forrest, run'
♬ These feet were made for running and thats just what I'll do...

Gorgeous hand-made up-cycled items...
How I do love upcycled vintage goodness!

A gorgeous vintage up-cycled top from A Little Original

Divine up-cycled skirt from Monsoons and Mangoes

Happy Sunday!  And do share what you are lovin' this Sunday.


  1. I used to take a flask like that to Primary school, except mine was red. Happy days! I love that blue chair and all the children's stuff. Haven't seen you at Flea Market Finds before - I'm always there!

    Lakota x

  2. Oh my, I can't get over the vintage plush! I love it!

  3. Oh those books and that flask have certainly whisked me back to childhood! Lovely memories! x


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