Friday, April 15, 2011

delicious ambiguity

The moments have been had.  Decisions have been made.  Who knows how this is going to work for LIME!  (Oh my, how exciting is that?!)  

What I do know...

- Stella McCartney Tutu's ARE for climbing trees.  Little girls should be free to do so without Mum worrying about said Tutu and how much it cost.

- Dressing your children in labeled clothing, should not be dictated by your income, location, who you know, or generous SIL hand-me downs.

- The right to 'that' feeling when wearing something that makes us feel special should be there for all of us.

- Gorgeous recycled children's clothing (including designer labels) should be assessable to everyone, for no more than the price of a movie ticket.   

My dream for LIME? Quite simply... to make the above happen 

Keeping LIME sustainable?  I'm a firm believer that if its making your heart sing... all will be just fine.

Katrina x

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