Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New in... sneak a look...

One Easter'd out toddler sleeps... one enjoys hanging with her Aunty... and the big boy's out kicking that oval footy with his dad like theres no better joy in the world for him (and ya know... I don't think there is right now!).  Me, I'm LIMING it.  How I love to LIME it!     

 New stock.  Aaahh, the love!  

There is a great mix amongst this lot... some Fred, Country Road, Jack & Milly, PP, even a gorgeous Calvin Klein shirt.  Oh, and not to forget Converse!

Working on getting this all 'live' for tomorrow.  Should I release it in one hit, or add it to our website slowly?  Let me know your thoughts... 

And last, but most importantly...  

Thank you for your huge support of LIME.  Thank you for your support of me and my dream for LIME.  Each and every one of your e-mails, pm's, comments and warm words, have been so appreciated.  Feels superdedastic (ok, so I stole that from the kids, but share and share alike huh?) to know that not only am I personally on the right track, but going by your influx of orders this past two weeks... you think I am too!  So, quite simply... Thank You!   
Katrina x

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