Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Its started out to be one of 'those' weeks.  

A week where I've got sooo much running through my head that I don't think air could find a space to park right now!  So, I did as all sensible people do, and I decided to write a list.  The plan was to list down all that needs doing, and work my way though it.  As I wrote I could hear my parents saying, 'write it down... thats the start of a plan to getting through it all.  Mark it off as you go.' (Wise words baby boomers)  

Now... I know list writing is the done thing... but I'm not sure that I'd recommend it unless you have a spare hour or 3!  I don't know about you, but the moment I start to write a list to clear some headspace, I realise I really need to write another list, for all the things that associate to the first list!  Then I get ideas as I'm writing, and think, heck, I best jot those down too.  What starts as a plan to clear headspace, becomes a surefire way to setting off a realm of new ideas and the associated sleepless night while said ideas are mulled over in the silence of night! 

So... now I have 3 lists, and lots of new ideas.  Am I any closer to completing the first list?  I've marked off the first 2.  Thats progress.  Tomorrow is a new day, and the BIG plan for the day is to clear the list.  Yes, 'clear' the list.  Wish me luck.  

Oh, and look... list writing starts early.  Miss Sophia (20mths).

I'll leave you with a list far more exciting than mine!       15 Things You Didn't Know Were German! Crazy huh?  Who would have thought!

Sweet, uninterrupted dreams,  

Katrina x                                                          

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