Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Excited... oh Yes sir e Bob!

They say inspiration comes like a bolt of lightening.  They speak of light bulb moments.  A slap across the face.  Call it what you will, but today was my day.  

I won't kid you (or myself) I've been there (here) before.  Why is it though, that you don't realise until you aren't there again!  And haven't been for months?!  

There has been many many moments that LIME has really excited me.  Its been there in every breath I take.  Can't get it out of my head kinda stuff.  And then there has been those times where I want to curl up in bed and pull the blankets over my head.  (Thankfully, that doesn't happen often!)  Maybe its all part of the process of life.  I don't know.  What I do know is that something hasn't been sitting quite right with me lately.  Couldn't put my finger on it.  Heck, life really should be great for me.  I have a dream family (my dream family), a nice home, standard 2.5 kids (make that 3, I don't think any of them will appreciate being 1/2!)... nothing really to complain about... yet, I wasn't feeling the love.  I wasn't feeling the love of life.  Just something I couldn't quite put my finger on.  I talked to my Lovely Half.  I talked to my Sister.  I talked to my Mum.  I grumbled at my Children.  I grumbled at my Lovely Half.  I walked the Dog each day.  I mulled things over.  I knew it would come, but darn it, I was getting frustrated and pissed off waiting!  Fix it already I kept telling myself.  

A few small things happened today, and little did I realise, they would take me to my lightbulb moment.   I think they were little things that got me in the right headspace... nothing really to do with my 'ultimate moment'.  

(Firstly, I should add a disclaimer to this paragraph... I love children's clothing.  I love labeled children's clothing.  I love to see my children wearing gorgeous labeled clothing.  Think me fickle... thats a-ok, this is how I roll)  I dressed Miss Sophia for her music/dancing class this morning.  Dressed her really cute in a matchy matchy outfit (yes, those that know me well, know I like matchy, matchy!)  A mum commented on what she was wearing last week, and it made me feel good.  We'd go for round 2. of that thank you very much!  And what do you know... she draws on her outfit 2mins before we leave (that will teach me huh?!)  So I pull out a cute dress (price kill Old Navy number, a few $$), some baby legs and off we go.  I look at her there dancing and loving 'Ring a ring a rosie', and dang, she looks so cute.  I feel that heart swelling pride when you look at your cute kid, and think, 'she's mine... yes, she rides with me'.  First 'moment' of the day. (and re: the outfit, its lovely, and I realise that part of the appeal is that its lovely AND was cheap!)

Later in the day I took Miss Gabriella to Zumba Class.  Gosh I love that children's Zumba music.  Just makes me want to jive.  I said to Jack... 'doesn't this music make you want to dance?'  'Nup', he said (like all well educated nearly 10 year old boys say).  'Anyway I can't dance'.  So, I say, 'everyone can dance, some just dance better than others.'  'True' he said.  Then I said, 'I think I want to run'.  'Why?' he said.  'I don't know.  I just think I'd like to take up running... you know, put on some runners, and just do it.'  'Cool' he said.  'Well, I guess you walk the dog now' he said.  (Cause thats the same you know in the world of a nearly 10yr old!  Walking the dog... taking up running... lets hope huh?!

So, we are walking home from Zumba and its getting late'ish... we've stayed there a little longer than usual.  We turn into our street, and the Lovely Half drives up beside us.  He's come to see if we are ok, and need a lift.  In that moment I think, 'gosh I love that man'.  I know he could have got home from work, sat down and enjoyed the peace without us there.  But no, he looks for us... cause his house needs us in it.  

Then, I sit down tonight on the chair in Miss Sophia's room and feed her before I pop her into bed.  I'm sitting there just thinking about why I'm feeling really great tonight... and I suddenly realise.  I lost sight of the dream I had for LIME.  Like I said, I've been here before in the past.  The dream had been realised before.  But alas, along the way of living life, paying the bills, getting LIME 'out there'... darn it, I went off the track again!  (I sooo need to set a GPS for LIME!)  In my moment of feeling really good from lots of little 'moments', I realise what I want from LIME.  What I want LIME to be for others.  And I am sooo off track with it... again! 

So, back to the drawing board!  LIME is about Sharing the Love of an exciting find.  Helping others dress their children in gorgeous labeled clothing without the crazy cost.  Giving other mums (that feel like I do about children's clothing, and I know thats not y'all) that swelling pride when you look at your child dressed in gorgeous labels.  Its about sharing labels with you for amazing prices.  Again, LIME's prices have started to match our competitors.  Darn it, would this number crunching section of my brain just buzz off!  LIME has never been about running with everyone else selling Gently Loved clothing.  It was always supposed to be about Sharing the Love.  

Can LIME survive slashing prices back?  To be honest, I really don't know!  Only time will tell.  One thing I do know... as it is right now, I'm not Feeling the Love.   Now that the decision is made... I'm really excited.  It's to be the LIME I always wanted it to be.  Sharing.the.love.of.an.exciting.find. 

Lets do it!  Watch this space in the next day or two...    

Katrina x



  1. Ooohhh this has ME all inspired. What a lovely post, please blog more! Can't wait to feel the love! And yes, number crunching takes away the magic don't it? x

  2. Ahhh,...I love those moments of realisation! It always means growth has occurred! Good girl! Heidi xx

  3. This is quite simply ... gorgeous x


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