Monday, March 28, 2011

The 'whole' LIME...

A blog.  A blog for LIME.  A glimpse behind the scenes of LIME. 

For some time now I’ve thought I need to get blogging.  There is so much more to LIME than what is seen at the front end (for loss of a better word!  You know… it could have been worse.  Alot worse. I could have named this blog… ‘And Some.  A look at LIMEs back end’

To be completely honest with you… blogging doesn’t come easy for me (yet anyway).  I’m quite a private person.  And often shy at that (yes its true).  So the thought of sharing what else goes on in this here world of LIME, is a little daunting.  But alas, I think its only just.  If for no other reason, than to give my customers a personal guarantee.  A 'this is LIME, and this is the person behind it' glimpse at the business.  

So on that note...  the Blog will begin, and I will start to share.

Oh, and thanks for being here! 

Katrina x     

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